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Book a luxury Pilanesberg Safari with Mashalas Travel

Highlights Game Drive Adventure activities The palace of the lost city Tour Activities Depart from your hotel to the province of north west. Your tour guide will be highlighting some important landmarks along the 2 hour drive. You will arrive at Pilanesberg National Park to […]
12 Hours
Highlights Open vehicle drive around the park. Close view of lions and feeding. Tour Activities Enjoy your wild life experience departing from your hotel in either Johannesburg/Pretoria driving to the North West of Southern Africa where you have a feel in atmosphere of both the […]
5 Hours

Some of our most popular tour packages are Pilanesberg tours. If you want to see the Big 5 from up close, a trip to Pilanesberg should be the next event on your calendar.

What to expect from a Pilanesberg National Park safari

Day visitors will be glad to hear that the park is Malaria free. The Big 5 inhabits the 550 km² area known as Pilanesberg, along with 7000 other animal species. Those who enjoy bird watching will be amazed by the 300 bird species which can be spotted throughout the Pilanesberg National Park. There are 6 bird hides scattered throughout the reserve.

The park is situated in the province of North West, only 3 hours from Johannesburg. You can book your trip anytime of the year, however, we would advise you to plan the safari sometime between July and November. This is when you are more likely to see animals as the bush isn’t as dense.

This day trip from Pretoria is your chance to see a wide diversity of animal and plant life from both the Kalahari and Lowveld regions.

What is known today as Pilanesberg National Park, was once a volcano. The structure is called the Pilanesberg Game Reserve Alkaline Ring Complex and was the result of volcanic eruptions 1300 million years ago. The tour guide accompanying you for the duration of the tour will explain the game reserve’s history to you. You will learn many fascinating facts about the area.

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The Big 5 consist of the following animals:

  • Leopard – These big cats can jump a distance of 6 metres.
  • Lion – The king of the jungle has a roar which can be heard up to 8 kilometres away.
  • Elephant – The African elephant is the largest land animal and can weight up to 6 000 kilograms.
  • Buffalo – They are surprisingly good swimmers and are known for their excellent memory.
  • Rhino – The rhinoceros is on the verge of becoming extinct as they are poached for their horns on a daily basis. These gentle giants are able to reach speeds of up to 55 km/h.

Preparing for your Pilanesberg safari

To ensure that you get the most out of your safari from Johannesburg, pack a backpack to take with you on the day trip. Every tourist needs a camera. There often plenty of once-in-a lifetime sightings on a safari. A camera with enough battery life to last an entire day and loads of memory is absolutely necessary.

During this excursion you will be on an open vehicle game drive. Mashalas Travel tour guides are experienced and know where to look for animals. Sometimes the wildlife can be quite a distance away. This is where binoculars come in handy. If you want to see that leopard in the tree or get a clear picture of the eagle soaring above you – double check that you’ve packed your binoculars.

The weather conditions vary depending on the season. Rainfall can be expected during spring and summer (October – March). Bring a jacket as you might feel chilly when a breeze comes along. A proper jacket is advised for winter months, although it can still get warm when out in the sun all day. Dress comfortably and wear proper shoes. Even though you won’t be walking a lot, it is not advisable to wear open toed or uncomfortable shoes on a safari. Neutral colours are typically worn on trips to the bushveld. A hat and sunscreen should also be taken along to protects you against the African sun.

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Book your Pilanesberg Safari with Mashalas Travel today. On this day tour you will experience the Pilanesberg National Park at its best with one of our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides.

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